Give Them Shelter !

We have launched our first IndieGogo Campaign. Help us build a dormitory for our girl students !! 

Last year, with JBI’s help, Sakya Hostels was able to purchase their main building, which includes a boys’ dormitory. The hostel’s girl students have become vulnerable, because they are living in a rented building, and do not have adequate space or facilities for sleeping, bathing or other activities. To keep their spirits high and fully support their education, we would like to build a house that will be their own. Give them shelter!

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Our Vision

JBI is an international community of friends committed to education, language learning, and youth empowerment—in a culture freed of caste prejudice and discrimination. 

We collaborate with India-based individuals and youth-led teams to implement  small, sustainable projects, including meditation retreats, communicative English workshops, leadership training, cross-cultural mentoring and arts events. Learn more!


All proceeds will benefit Jai Bhim International's youth projects in India. This year we are launching a Leadership Academy in Kerala and constructing a girls' dormitory at Sakya Hostels in Tamil Nadu.


Recent Projects

Sakya Hostels, 2013

Jai Bhim Kerala, December 2012