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Jai means "long live!" and Bhim refers to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Dr. Ambedkar drafted the Indian constitution in the 1940's and advocated for an Independent India, free of the oppression of caste. Ambedkar came from a community then-labelled "Untouchable". He was committed to freeing himself of caste prejudice and to create social change within the new Indian democracy.


Dr. Ambedkar is loved, admired and celebrated across India, particularly among the community which identifies as Dalit,  those formerly considered "Untouchable". 

People greet one another with folded hands and the words "Jai Bhim". "Long live the legacy and inspiration of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar!" Jai Bhim International sends this salutation globally.



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At Jai Bhim International, all administrative work, bookkeeping, tax preparation, publicity, marketing design, and social media presence are contributed by our US-based team.

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We lead annual retreats and workshops that develop excellence in English language, public speaking, leadership, meditation and creative expression. We host these gatherings every December to support young leaders within the community; allowing them to run their own local programs throughout the year. We are connected internationally year-round to collaborate on programs and provide friendship and mentoring.

Our students have identified English language fluency as a tool which will empower them to succeed. In response we have created Communicative English Workshops which incorporate yoga, dance, drama, visual arts, music, meditation, and a variety of academic study skills. We emphasize student-centered learning. We embrace collaboration based on mutual inspiration and the sharing of resources, rather than “charity”.

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We invest in Indian youth training, particularly personal development of effective communication strategies, such as  English-language fluency and leadership skills. 

We sponsor attendance at retreats and conferences for Indian youth to participate both as Learners and Leaders, connecting with other organizations.

We actively encourage youth-initiated and youth-led projects that benefit traditionally disadvantaged Indian communities.

And we sponsor arts events that promote cultural pride and cross-cultural understanding and  respect.


Jai Bhim International is a non-profit organization, with 501 (c) (3) status, as of July 24, 2008, #26-3130349.