Thank You, JBI Interns!

Happy Holidays! It has been busy here at JBI headquarters wrapping up 2014 and preparing for 2015. What a full year! We had our best retreat yet in Kerala last December- January. And on New Years' eve Arun, Sanghapali and I were on an overnight  bus journey from Kerala to Chennai, to gather with Nancy, Jagan, Nabiya and The Sakya students. It felt like a family reunion!

Then back in San Francisco we had two fun fundraisers, an Indian Brunch at The New Delhi restaurant and a Yoga Fest at The SF Buddhist Center. And on the East Coast we gathered with family friends and supporters to celebrate Dayamudra's 50th birthday, and The Bedford Post hosted a Thanksgiving Restorative Yoga fundraiser, led by Dayamudra and her 8-year old niece as her Assistant! OUr friends on both coasts of the U.S. gave us so much love.

In 2014 we have been lucky to have the support of our two wonderful Interns, Franklin and Daniel this year. They were behind the scenes at our brunch and our Yoga Fest, doing publicity and organizing our social media. And at the events they were greeting guests, attending to details and leading the volunteers with that special Brasilian warmth and style! 

This Fall they designed and ran our Indie Gogo "Give Them Shelter" campaign, to build a girls' dorm at Sakya Hostels. They were a committed, caring  team, even over the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's holidays.

Daniel and Franklin have brought so much vision, wisdom, and compassion to this project. Our team in India is astounded at all their love for our students, students they have never even met! It speaks to the magic of our JBI youth and how they touch the hearts of our new friends from all corners of the globe.

We are sad now to see our Interns packing their bags now to return to Brasil. We are trying to convince them to visit our projects in India so WE can give THEM shelter! Please leave comments thanking these two young men for all they contributed to our global community of friends. We are very very grateful.

Jai Bhim! Happy New Year, Dayamudra and the JBI Team