Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar 1891-1956

On this day, December 6th, in 1956, Dr. Ambedkar, the man who inspires our work, the Chief Architect of the Indian Constitution, passed away. It is a solemn day in the Dalit community. It is a day to appreciate a man who dedicated his life to social justice, to the rights of women, to true democracy. He was a man who had a passion for learning his whole life, who was dedicated to reason over superstition, to progress over tradition. He was a man who had great faith in young people and their capacity to lead a social revolution. His message to youth was, "Educate. Agitate. Organize." Dr. Ambedkar had great vision, great energy, great commitment. On our team we often ponder how he did what he did. One man facing so many obstacles, facing centuries of oppression against his people. How was he able to organize so effectively? and with no television? no mobile phone? no social media?! He is an example to us everyday. The days when we are hopeful and the days when we have doubts. He is an example to us of what is possible, individually and collectively. With Dr. Ambedkar in mind on this day we recommit to educating, agitating and organizing. Jai Bhim!