Why Yoga?

Yoga practice has been an important component of JBI's projects right from our beginnings in 2007. Dayamudra, JBI's Creative Director, was trained as a Yoga Teacher 14 years ago, and has been studying various forms of dance, martial arts, and yoga her whole life. She has led yoga on Buddhist meditation retreats on both coasts of The U.S. and in The U.K., and brought her yoga knowledge to her JBI community, in yoga's birthplace, India.

We do yoga with the team and students on our Indian retreats and workshops as a way of relaxing our bodies, focusing our minds, preparing ourselves for study and preparing ourselves for meditation. Our young students at Sakya Hostels especially love restorative yoga, a form of deep relaxation, which they call "sleeping yoga"! We do a little "sleeping yoga" every afternoon after homework and reading time and before our English program. And back in San Francisco, Dayamudra brings yoga into her ESL classrooms at City College, where she teaches, and she is also lucky enough to have a wide circle of fellow yoga teachers in the city who are as committed to both their own practice and to social justice as she is.

Our yoga fundraisers are a fun way of bringing all our friends together for an afternoon of play, raising money in a healthy way to support our students and our projects in India. Yoga has become an international practice, and likewise we are an international community of friends, doing yoga together, in the spirit of hope, commitment and dedication.


Jai Bhim!