Global Passport

Fluency in English is like a global passport. With English you are able to communicate with new friends, prospective employers and potential customers anywhere in the world. English gives you an edge. And without English your world gets smaller. You have fewer job prospects and you are unable to communicate with anyone outside your immediate surroundings. Email, Facebook, Ted Talks are all out of reach. 

Those from communities traditionally considered "low-caste" or "untouchable" have access to a world outside their village if they are fluent in English. Conversely, those who never mastered English have fewer possibilities. The village schools in these communities are notoriously bad, and their English teachers have barely mastered English themselves. So this is yet another way the caste system is imposed, keeping people locked into oppressive circumstances.

Our main goal at JBI from the beginning has been to provide Communicative English workshops for Dalit students, students from these communities traditionally-considered "low-caste" or "untouchable". More than fluency in English, though, we imagine creating an engaging, challenging learning environment, where students can use their imagination, build their confidence and find their voice. We are a community of learners. We believe in life-long learning. We believe that learning is fun. We believe that learning is active, interactive, physical and creative by nature. We believe in creative an encouraging, supportive, challenging learning environment. 

This idea has gained momentum and there is no stopping it.


Jai Bhim. Dayamudra