Franklin's Vision about Jai Bhim International

Hello Friends,

Usually I’m not the one that speaks with you here in the blog, you all may know me from the previous blogpost, my name is Franklin Silva and I work as a multi-level volunteer for Jai Bhim International and Dayamudra. 

Looking back to May I can see how much this work had changed me and why I’m proud of the path that I have chosen. Work for JBI made me see all the beautiful things that are around us, giving them my time and my efforts, aiming results and life changing for those who needs, made me be like this, made me believe even more in the power of the people as well our naturally connection with others and compassion, but the best self accomplishment is that now every day has become a bit more colorful and fascinating. 

How can I say that I changed someone’s life if I’m so “improved” as person because of them? 

I learned in those months that even if you are doing the most simple volunteer work, you gonna learn and receive something, not always material but for your body and your soul.

Bunch, Yoga Fest, Dinners, Indiegogo Campaign, Website Updates, Social Media Management etc. Its been a busy year, I have learned since Yoga moves to how create and manage a catching Instagram account walking through the improvement of my writing skills. Was it hard? yes; Was it more than I ever thought about be working voluntarily? 10 times more work than I thought; Is it grateful? 100 times more; Should I do it again? off course!; I cannot be more proud of our results because part of them is my work’s impact.  

9 days to our indiegogo Campaign finishes, and 15 days to my luggages and myself be send to Brazil, time is running so fast. I decided 7 months ago to put strength in something that will be part of a greatest thing, will bring freedom to people. How are you going to start your year with? With path will you choose? Are you here in this world not for make it a better place? Those questions made me choose.


I chose Jai Bhim!

-Franklin Silva