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The Caste System Today

Websites and Periodicals: Use this page to open these 5 different websites. Take notes on the main ideas you find. After you have read each site write a 1-3 sentence summary about the information you find, and a

1-3 sentence analysis of what you have learned.

1. National Geographic abstract
National Geographic June 2003

2. *“To Transform Pain to Power”
New Internationalist Issue 396: Dec. 6, 2006

3. *“Who Are The Dalit People?”
Dalit Freedom Network Canada website

4. *Open these 3 pages:
a. Caste Discrimination
b. Caste and Untouchability
c. Caste and Human Rights
International Dalit Solidarity Network website

5. **"UN says Caste is a Human Rights Issue"  
The London Telegraph: April 16, 2010


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